Green Bay vs Seattle Referee Scandal: How Packers Fans Could Find An Ally in Mitt Romney


We all saw it last night: The Green Bay Packers literally saw a win taken away from them by one of the worst calls anyone can seem to remember. 

Despite the fact that Seattle wide receiver Golden Tate blatantly committed pass interference by shoving Green Bay’s Sam Shields to the ground, Tate also just straight up did not catch the ball that was ruled a touchdown. Rather, Green Bay’s M.D. Jennings intercepted it as has been said by anyone and everyone who has watched the replay (besides of course the replacement referees). Flashback to Sunday when the same thing may or may not have happened to the New England Patriots when Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker sent his last-second game-winning field goal up over the right upright and the officials ran away as Patriot’s Head Coach Bill Belichick tracked them down to demand a replay. Both controversial calls cost both the Patriots and the Packers, two traditionally dominant forces in the NFL, a much needed victory. The bottom line is no matter whom your team is; whether you’re a player, a fan, a Democrat, a Republican, a libertarian or just a freedom-loving American there is one issue that we can all agree on: the replacement referees in the NFL need to go.

Now it has become clear that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is not going to give in to the referee’s union and now, due to high demand from fans and players, the referees have a clear advantage in the negotiation, so it is unlikely they would cave in to a lower price than they are asking. So I propose a different solution: we all know that Mitt Romney could use a nice little boost in the polls right now and we also all know that he has plenty of money (see his tax returns). If Mitt Romney were to pay whatever the difference is in asking price between the real referees and the NFL, he may just win this election. Is this unrealistic? Probably, but think about how many people would be better off; think about how many politically uninvolved NFL fans or players might be willing to cast a vote for Romney if he settles this difference.

Now this would certainly be viewed by some on the left as a “dirty” play or as trying to buy the election and it could completely backfire in that way. But, you can’t tell me that the people of the great swing-state of Wisconsin, home to the aforementioned Green Bay Packers, would not be inclined see Romney in a more positive light if he were to side with them on this issue and then go fix it. The same goes with our friends in New Hampshire, a swing state full of likely Patriots supporters, whose rage toward the replacement referees could be turned to raging support for Romney and what would be his “new commitment to solving America’s practical issues” (I think I should trademark that one right there).

Now, this is by all means hypothetical and in no way has anyone from the Romney campaign or anywhere else suggested that Romney has even considered doing such a thing. But if Romney is looking for a Hail Mary, this might just be his play and who knows maybe his Hail Mary might just work like Seattle Quarterback Russell Wilson’s did: scratching a win out amidst controversy.