This couple of 52 years wears matching outfits every day


Somewhere at the intersection of #RelationshipGoals and #StyleInspo you'll find Fran and Ed Gargiula, a couple who has been married for 52 years. What makes them special, beyond their ability to stick out that sometimes-insufferable partnership known as marriage, is their penchant for wearing matching outfits.

The photogenic pair caught the attention of the internet-dwelling world when their 17-year-old grandson, Anthony Gargiula, posted a series of photos of the two on Twitter — a tweet that has now been retweeted nearly 40,000 times since it was first posted on Tuesday night.

"I wake up to text messages saying, 'Good morning! We hope you have a good day!' — along with the "outfit of the day,'" Anthony told CNN.

And sure, that's adorable. But if we're being be honest: this is a little frightening. Matching outfits on occasion, sure, super cute. But every day for 52 years? That's just plain stressful. 

Can you imagine? That's roughly 18,980 days of committing to wearing the same thing as somebody else. It also means every outfit purchased must be bought with the consideration that it'll need a doppelganger. Beyond not every outfit having a perfect match, and the stress induced by that, imagine the cost. This just isn't economic. Also, what if Fran woke up one morning in no mood to match? Would Ed be chill about it or would this result in a blow-out?

Fortunately, there's no reason to worry about any of that because as it turns out, the "every day" part of the tweet might be a little bit of an exaggeration. According to CNN, the Gargiulas started square dancing several years ago, deciding to wear matching outfits as they danced, and it just sorta stuck.

But hey, if wearing the same outfit everyday brings this adorable pair, along with their grandson and now the internet as a whole, great joy, then maybe this isn't so frightening after all.