LilMiquela is the latest Instagram 'it' model — but there's just one thing...


You know an Instagram model when you see one. She loves to take selfies while wearing a sports bra. She is somehow always basking in pink light. She has an endless supply of silk slip dresses. Her Instagram captions are more or less always Drake lyrics. She poses for no one else really but her cell phone. 

Miquela, who goes by the Instagram handle @LilMiquela, does all of the above, except there's just one thing. 

She's not human.  

Although Miquela — who is pretty with green eyes, straight brown hair and a short blunt bang — poses in remarkably believable digitally-created art galleries wearing digitally-created Vetements hoodies.

And she, like you, can't resist a flattering Instagram filter.

She is just not like you and I. Miquela is not a human being who breathes and eats and sleeps. She is some variation of a Sim, or an extremely realistic digital creation, and it's creeping the internet — and us, for that matter — out. 

In just four months as an Instagram model, Miquela has amassed a following of more than 70,000, who leave comments like "I dare her to post a pic with 0 edits" and "my brain is going to explode." 

On a picture of Miquela dancing against what appears to be a concrete wall, one commenter wrote: "Our sims at the club be like." 

No one is quite sure why Miquela exists. In Dazed, a fashion and culture mag that any model would kill to be featured in, Miquela got a full profile and think piece. 

"Lil Miquela is a female cyborg, the Android's android, whose servitude is confined to our phone screen, and a specific space therein," Dazed wrote.

Even on Twitter, Miquela has her fans, and those fans have their questions. 

What is she? 

Is she a marketing scheme?

Mic has done its best to reach out to the creator, who so far remains anonymous. In the meantime, expect to only learn more about Miquela. And as far as finding out who created her, and why, the world may really never know.