'Pokémon Go' update: Here's what we know about game's rumored "buddy feature"


After a record-breaking start, the Pokémon Go mania has subsided since its release back in July. Niantic, the game's developer, is searching for ways to reignite the hype following reports of declining engagement. A rumored update could rekindle the attention of apathetic Pokémon trainers.

According to Pokémon Go Hub, Niantic is poised to introduced a "buddy system" feature that allows trainers to take their Pokémon for a walk, Pikachu-style. Players can select one Pokémon buddy at a time to stroll with, which in turn rewards the trainers with candy. Not only will this strengthen the "bond" between trainers and their chosen Pokémon, but the earned candy could be used to evolve the creatures into stronger forms. Choose wisely, though, as there will be a "daily candy limit" set in place, according to the rumors. 


Have a Pokémon that prefers the air over ground? Buddy Pokémon with wings will supposedly be able to fly alongside their trainers — some can rest on their human companion's shoulders as well.

Pokémon Go Hub reports the buddy system will be introduced in the very next update, 0.35.0. While Niantic still has an uphill battle to sustain its userbase — especially with the frigid winter months approaching — the feature is a neat little component that might attract some new players.