Millennials can't go a week without eating a burrito, survey finds


Millennials apparently don't have a lot of sex or money, but boy do they make out well in the burrito department. 

According to a new survey commissioned by fast food chain Moe's Southwest Grill, millennials simply can't get enough of giant tortillas packed with meat, cheese and vegetables. So much so that most respondents admitted to not being able to go a week — yes, seven days — without eating one. 

It's not just one burrito a week, either. The survey, which assessed the eating habits of 1,000 people between ages 13 and 50, revealed that 72% of millennial respondents averaged two to three burritos per week. This works out to 8-12 burritos per month, or a full 72-144 burritos per year. And 43% of survey respondents said they'd eat more than one burrito in a day if "calories were not an object, or their significant other wouldn't judge them." Same and same. 

As far as how millennials like their burritos, guacamole doesn't reign supreme as their favorite filling (after all, it usually costs extra). The survey revealed that respondents to the survey prefer sour cream. Queso, which is usually reserved as a dip, is also a popular filling choice for more than half of respondents. 

But is anyone really surprised that millennials love burritos so damn much? They are so delicious that one truly enamored San Francisco man staged an entire engagement shoot with his one true love, his soulmate: a burrito. They went to the beach together, stared lovingly at each other on a park bench and even shared champagne picnic. 

Can you blame the guy? After all, a burrito will never break your heart — at least emotionally. (Physically, however, they might not do a body good, since burritos aren't exactly known for being light on calories. But since love is blind, you and your burrito don't care about surface level things like appearance, anyway.)