Someone yelled "the n*ggers are coming!" at a black Canadian actor shooting a commercial


When it comes to racism against black people, even Canada loses its reputation as one of the friendliest places on earth. 

In a Facebook video posted to his personal page, Canadian actor Jesse Lipscombe posted footage of an unknown man in a car yelling out, "the niggers are coming! The niggers are coming!" while Lipscombe was walking down the street. 


Lipscombe was shooting a video about his love for Edmonton, Canada, when the incident happened, the Edmonton Journal reports. 

The actor approached the car and opened the car door to confront the man who hurled the racial slur at him. When confronted, the man denies saying the slur, tells Lipscombe to "get the fuck out of here" and yells the slur once again as he drives away.


"I will not let somebody speak a racial slur or make me, or another person, uncomfortable without also [giving them] the opportunity to feel uncomfortable as well," Lipscombe told the Journal.

The video, which has over 350,000 views and over 5700 shares in two days, has garnered some very positive support for the actor. 

"Jesse good for you for trying to talk to them on a civilized level, but some people can't see past the end of their nose," one commenter wrote.  

"I'm glad you experienced this because you confronted it and have now turned this into an opportunity of education," another wrote. "We have to stand up for what is so obviously wrong. We have a long way to go but we have to start somewhere." 

And that's exactly what Lipscombe hopes will happen. 

"Staying quiet in scenarios like this does just as much to harm, it does nothing to help it," he told the Journal.  "Change is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is needed and it takes everybody. It takes a village to change an attitude."