Cool teen Malia Obama wears a "smoking kills" T-shirt


At the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia on Sunday, Malia Obama, America's coolest teen and the eldest offspring of the President of the United States, wore a T-shirt

Why are people so excited, you may ask? 

Well across the front of her short-sleeved white crew neck, scrawled in clear handwriting, were the words "Smoking kills." She paired the shirt with a brown belt, a pair of high-waisted shorts and a baseball cap stitched with a Harvard "H." 

Getty Images

As with anything, people have their questions. Was this a coy nod to when she was recently seen doing something that looked an awful lot like smoking at Lollapalooza just one month ago? Was this a PSA to her fellow youths? Was it a dare? Was it a joke? Did Michelle Obama ground Malia and then force her to wear this T-shirt? Did Michelle Obama make this shirt?

Or, was it one of the most subtle and effective clapbacks of our time? A "I saw what you had to say about me smoking, America, and my dad is pissed" subliminal statement? 

Is Malia Obama the country's greatest troll? 

The world may truly, never know.

And that's because Malia Obama has much better things to do with her time than explain to the country what exactly propelled her to wear this shirt. She has much better things to do like, for example, hug Beyoncé. 

We wish we could say exactly the same thing.