Sean Lowe: The New Bachelor Will Be As Famous As Emily Maynard


There is a new name on the blogosphere and by January we're all going to know it: Sean Lowe. Ladies and gents, America has a new bachelor. I agree, it definitely feels like Emily Maynard and her crew of eligible misfits just left the airwaves, but here we are again and ABC has chosen yet another coiffed man to melt the hearts of millions. 

The newest bachelor on ... wait for it ... The Bachelor, is 28-year-old Dallas businessman Sean Lowe. Lowe was previously dumped on The Bacherlorette but this season he will have his cake and eat it too; Lowe for once will be doing the choosing. Last season on The Bachelorette Lowe made it to the final three, he confessed his love for Maynard but was quickly dumped in favor of Jef (with one 'f') Holm. 

Earlier this summer the dashing (in a super blond way) Lowe expressed trepidation about becoming America's bachelor, "It would be a difficult decision if they were to ask me. Only because it was so emotionally taxing, and you know, I don't know if I could go through that again." 

As for what to expect from Lowe, his Twitter profile reads, "I love the little things in life like good food, road trips, TX country music and great conversation. Most importantly, I love Jesus!"

As for what Lowe is looking for in a mate, "They have to be intelligent, funny, witty ... I like sweet girls." 

Now, Lowe's new bachelor status may not seem like front page news, but everyone needs a guilty pleasure ... right?

The Bachelor returns in January for its 17th edition.