'Pokémon Go' trading update allows players to swap virtual items — here's how


New Pokémon Go updates could change the way you play the massively popular game. Not only will there be a "Buddy Pokémon" feature that unlocks new in-game rewards, but with it comes a "Trading" feature that lets players trade items by giving the item to a Pokémon.

The game's terms of service show an update that confirms trading within Pokémon Go, according to Otakukart. Players can already have their Pokémon hold onto items (appropriately called "held items"). But the terms of service suggest that those items can be traded along with the Pokémon holding them — meaning, upon trading, players would receive not just the Pokémon themselves, but also any "held items" given to them by their previous trainer.


"Looks like you can trade items by giving it to a Pokémon to hold in the game," Reddit user isantum wrote after reading the updated terms of service. "Apologies if I am being Mr. Obvious, but it gets me more hyped. Would love to see giving a Metal Coat to Scyther and sending it over to a friend and watch it evolve into a Scizor!"


As other Redditors responded, it's possible that the items wouldn't come with the trade, and that "items" in this case only refers to the Pokémon.

Still, if it's possible to use traded Pokémon as a vehicle for trading items, the potential update could allow players to help each other get further in the game and work collaboratively. We'll just have to see what happens with the update.