'Pokémon Go' is coming to the Apple Watch 2 — Here's what that looks like


Pokémon Go has been announced for the Apple Watch. 


During Wednesday's Apple keynote event, John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic, Inc., announced the company's wildly successful app would be available for the Apple watch's Series 2 release.

Built-in GPS in the watch will allow users to interface with the Pokémon Go in much the same way they did on iPhone: the app will track the distance walked by users, and will also enable them to catch Pokémon and hit up Pokéstops like they did in the original game.


Though users won't be able to look at a full, live map on the watch as they were previously able to on their phones, the watch will still enable players to see what miniature monsters are hiding nearby.

If the wild, Pokémon-frenzied summer of 2016 was any indication, a partnership between the Apple Watch and Pokémon Go is probably the perfect combination to get people off of their couches and out into the real world.