Here's the real reason Apple just killed the headphone jack



No, really.

At the 2016 Apple keynote address Wednesday, Phil Schiller revealed the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, two new phones that come loaded with state-of-the-art cameras and displays... and no headphone jack. Why no headphone jack? Schiller explained it in one word: courage.

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Someone has to usher in the future of audio, Schiller argued, and in order to do so, companies have to make room for innovative technologies. In Apple's case, removing the headphone jack was a bold move toward the new era of wireless technology. 

What technology? Introducing Apple's premium AirPods headphones, which look like disembodied goat hooves. 

These earbuds have infrared sensors, motion accelerometers and ambient-noise reduction. Apple says they've got 24 hours' worth of battery life and, naturally, "incredible" sound.

What Apple can't guarantee, however, is that you'll own them longer than a week. Normal earbuds are easy enough to lose. Hanging on to these, as pretty as they are, looks like a nightmare.