This nostalgic 'Star Trek' supercut celebrates 50 years of traveling the universe


To commemorate 50 years on television and the big screen, the Star Trek franchise has compiled some of the most memorable quotes from its films in a new, nostalgia-filled supercut. 

The video tracks several generations of Star Trek, from the first feature film with William Shatner's Captain Kirk (1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture) to Chris Pine's take on the same character in the last three films. Rest assured, Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard wasn't ignored, either. 

But while the supercut does feature signature Trekkie moments on film — including Shatner's unforgettable "KHAAAAAN!" — there aren't any scenes from the TV show. It's not mere happenstance, but rather, the issue of Star Trek's TV and movie rights owned by separate entities: Paramount for the films, and CBS for the TV series. 

Corporate politics aside, however, the supercut makes sure to give special attention to franchise alums who have died, Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin. So it still embodies the compassionate nature of the Star Trek universe. 

Watch the supercut via the Star Trek Facebook page below.