Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' is finally on Spotify, so all may bask in its exsistential glory


The day has finally arrived. For Frank Ocean fans who refused to bite the bullet and buy into Apple Music's streaming exclusivity of Blonde, their wait has very literally paid off.

After three lengthy weeks, the R&B hitmaker's latest release is available for streaming on Spotify. The album is also available for streaming on Pandora.

In many ways, Blonde flipped the music and streaming service industries on their heads upon its release. The Apple Music exclusive may or may not have been "the straw that broke Universal Music's back," according to Billboard, in terms of tolerating streaming exclusives. The music/media conglomerate reportedly sent out a memo to all artists banning them from releasing future projects as streaming exclusives on the heels of Ocean's latest release. 

Fans around the world applauded the latest album's new freedom on Twitter.

Unfortunately for Tidal users, Blonde has yet to arrive to the streaming service. 

Ocean's Endless is of course still an Apple exclusive, and his Boy's Don't Cry magazine is still only available on eBay outlets. However, Ocean's mother promises fans they're working on getting more copies of the magazine out in the world soon. Baby steps, people, baby steps. 

For now, enjoy Blonde on Spotify below: