Florida police officers fatally shoot a man eating chicken wings in his backyard


Two Broward County, Florida police officers fatally shot a man as he sat in his backyard Friday night, the New Times Broward-Palm Beach reports.

The officers had been responding to a domestic violence call made by the man's sister, Deborah Frazier, who claimed that a fight had broken out between her brother, Gregory, and her daughter.


When the officers arrived at the scene, the argument had ended and Gregory Frazier, 56,  was in his backyard eating a container of chicken wings and french fries. When the officers ordered Frazier to get on the ground, he responded, "Leave me alone." After being prompted again and responding the same way, the officers fired.

Pastor Miguel Rosa, a neighbor who lives next door, told the New Times that he remembers hearing at least five shots fired, and said that he initially believed that the sound he was hearing was fireworks.

After placing Frazier in handcuffs, the officers tried to perform CPR before realizing he was unresponsive. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two deputies have been placed on administrative leave as the case is investigated, the New Times reports.

"I never would have called the cops if I'd known this was going to happen," Deborah Frazier said. "They just came in and started shooting right away."

During the 911 call, she told dispatchers that her brother had a knife in his hand — a small pocket knife, which she said he always carried.

Sarahca Peterson, a community activist and a friend of the Frazier family, told the New Times that the killing was "too much."

"There has to be change," she said. "They need to face criminal charges. If I kill someone, I'm going to jail. They shouldn't be out there on the streets."