Justin Timberlake MySpace: Why the Pop Star is Reinventing the Social Media Site


Justin Timberlake is finally bringing sexy back to social media. If you haven’t heard already, Timberlake is playing a major role in the resurrection of MySpace. This sounds exciting, but the big question on everyone’s minds is, will MySpace 2.0 work?

MySpace, once the go-to social media website for young adults, fell off the radar when Facebook climbed its way to the top. MySpace began to get boring. It had too many ads, and it was becoming a bit creepy. Speaking as a past MySpace user, the amount of spam, older people friend requesting you and terrible privacy settings were enough to scare most people away. There still may be hope for reinvention, though.

The new, revamped MySpace is going to focus even more on entertainment, including a growing music platform, photos, videos, playlists, playlists you can include in albums, games, and more. The video, which is a little over two minutes long, shows a cleaner layout, a Pinterest-like quality, and the option to sign in with Facebook or Twitter.

This has the potential to be something big again, but MySpace is going to have to compete against some really big opponents. Their focus on music will leave them battling with Pandora, Spotify and iTunes, while also trying to lure skeptical 20-somethings back after so many years.

Other users have simply moved on. They are just so tired the data mining and shared information that other social media sites (cough cough...Facebook) that they have opted to not take part in any social media trend. MySpace is going to have to buck up and bring something new and innovative to the table.

A revamp can work if done correctly, and if Justin Timberlake was willing to invest $35 million, then I have to believe that there is more than meets the eye with the new and improved MySpace. Social media enthusiasts, get ready, because MySpace may just get its sexy back.