Tangerine Dream, which inspired 'Stranger Things' music, release their take on the theme


German electronic band and horror soundtrack experts Tangerine Dream provided much of the sonic inspiration for the haunting, alien music Survive composed for Netflix's Stranger Things. However, it seems the German originators are not content to let their progeny have all the fun soundtracking the Upside Down.

Monday, the Tangerine Dream released two tracks on their SoundCloud that are essentially their own renditions of two songs Survive composed for Stranger Things: the theme song, as well as another '80s techno-meets-electronica piece. 

Rolling Stone described the release, which includes cover art in the already classic Stranger Things imagery, saying, "Tangerine Dream plays homage to the homage, tinkering with the tracks to showcase their own hypnotic, synth-driven style."

Survive has made it clear Tangerine Dream is their muse behind the sounds and synths that went into making the show's theme music. The Survive's Kyle Dixon described their research process before creating the score for the show to Rolling Stone, noting "there's a Tangerine Dream score for Sorcerer that's great ... a lot of times I'll just get stuff if it's got a Goblin or a Tangerine Dream score and just see what it sounds like." 

Tangerine Dream themselves have soundtracked over twenty films. The band's founder Edgar Froese recently contributed to the score for the video game Grand Theft Auto V, before he died in 2015. Survive released a two-volume score for Stranger Things in August, with physical releases arriving later in September.