Here's how to deseed a pomegranate without staining everything you own


Pomegranates, while delicious, may be one of the most difficult foods to eat. To get to the juicy, gem-like seeds — called arils — you have to break through a tough skin, peel back the rind and then pluck out each seed before you can eat your beloved pomegranate. Packed with vitamins A, C and E as well as a three times more antioxidants than green tea, pomegranates have plentiful health benefits, and the deseeding is worth the effort.

Renowned for staining clothing (and hands, and teeth, and tabletops) a remarkably bright shade of red, pomegranates can be seriously challenging to deseed, but there are a few hacks to make it so much easier — and cleaner! Skip the pre-packaged seeds and learn to deseed yourself, without staining everything you own. Lifehacker has a 10-second method (20 seconds your first time, maybe) to deseed without the mess. 

First, cut your pomegranate in half


Cut it gently, so the juices don't squirt all over. Then, tug at the sides of the fruit to loosen the seeds.

Then hold half the pomegranate over a bowl... 


And whack it with a wooden spoon. 

Make it rain pomegranate seeds!


Repeat with the other half and you did it! And you did it unscathed. Now just try not to stain your clothes while eating all those seeds.