This website lets you create the LaCroix flavor of your dreams, or nightmares


LaCroix, the brand of unsweetened sparkling water which saw sales more than double to at least $225.5 million in just two years, has 20 official flavors listed on its website.

But thanks to My LaCroix, a website designed by creative firm Nelson Cash, you can simulate LaCroix in whatever flavor you want. In just a few simple clicks, the website generates realistic-looking simulacrums of the can, which users have applied it to generate flavors from marijuana and "corgi drool" to "blood of my enemies."

Here's a sampling of what people have come up with:

Of course, sometimes content marketing backfires.

According to a post to their blog, Nelson Cash decided on the campaign after the success of, a website which allows users to recreate the logo of Netflix show Stranger Things with any text they want.

"Watching over a million people use it was exhilarating, and it motivated us to do more," Nelson Cash wrote. "We'd always wanted to build a LaCroix fan page, but how could we make it interactive for fans? A few drinks in and we had an idea: a LaCroix flavor generator."