First presidential debate 2016 drinking game: Here are the rules and keywords to wait for


Another long week has begun. Fatigue has already set in. And because it's Monday, you don't yet want to drain your energy reserves with a trip to the bar. But wait, this is no average start of the week. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will spar on millions of TV screens across the country. And because the first presidential debate will likely involve yelling, lying and a healthy dose of vitriol, you may need an adult beverage. 

Here at Mic, we've got you covered. We have created a presidential debate drinking game to help you stay strong through the 90-minute match between the Democratic and Republican nominees. 

(Mic recommends players stick to beer or wine. Mic strongly encourages you play this game only if you will not be driving and are of legal drinking age.)

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The rules

Grab a six-pack or bottle of wine. Past drinking games with Trump and Clinton have drained both. 

First, players must choose a candidate: Clinton or Trump. Then, players must drink if their candidate says a certain word during the debate or if a candidate makes a certain statement. And make sure to watch debate moderator Lester Holt's actions too because he's included.


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For example, if Trump says "Mexico," you must take a drink. Or if Clinton says she never sent classified emails, you must finish your drink. 

Take a drink (candidate specific)

If Trump: mentions Mexico, Bill Clinton, Benghazi, free trade or Ivanka Trump. 

Says huge — yuuge. 

Says Bernie Sanders supporters should vote for him. 

Calls Clinton "crooked Hillary." 

Wildly waves his arms. 

If Clinton: mentions Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Trump steaks, the minimum wage or Chelsea Clinton. 

Calls Trump a liar. 

Says "better together" or "love trumps hate."

Laughs at the debate podium. 

If Holt: touches his glasses while asking your candidate a question.

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Take a drink (all players)

If either candidate: says they will let journalists review their health records. 

Mentions Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. 

Mentions the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

If Holt: smiles. 

Asks either candidate about their health. 

Finish your drink

If Trump: says he will release his tax returns.

Apologizes to Clinton for any reason. 

If Clinton: says young people who vote for a third-party candidate are voting for Trump.

Says she did send classified information on her private email server. 

If Holt: corrects Trump if he says he was opposed to the Iraq War. 

Corrects Clinton if she says she did not send classified information on her email server. 

Says either candidate did not tell the truth.