'Pokémon Go' buddy system update: Here’s how to get the most candy to evolve your Pokémon


Niantic has released a much-needed "buddy system" update that addresses one of the frustrating challenges of playing Pokémon Go: evolving Pokémon. You need candy to upgrade your monsters and until recently, the best way of obtaining said treats was to catch multiples of those particular Pokémon. That's easier said than done when it comes to catching rare or powerful Pokémon, however. Even first-stage creatures like, say, a Vulpix, can be difficult if you don't live in an area full of Vulpixes (Vulpi?)

Now, with the buddy system, you can designate one Pokémon at a time to bring around with you — just as our childhood role model, Ash Ketchum, traveled with Pikachu — and earn candy as you walk around with them. This is a super useful feature and brings us one step closer to becoming a Pokémon master. 


To select a buddy, click on your face icon in the bottom-left corner, then tap the menu button towards the bottom-right of the screen. You'll find the "Buddy" icon waiting for you in between "Journal" and "Customize." 

From here you can choose a Pokémon to walk with you as your buddy. Different Pokémon require different distances to travel before you earn a candy — a common Rattata only needs 1 kilometer of walking; a mid-level Poliwhirl requires 3 kilometers; a rare Electabuzz needs 5 kilometers. Check out this complete infographic of Pokémon Go buddy candy requirements for more info.