Derrick Rose doesn't know what consent means. Here are 4 perfect explanations to help him


NBA star Derrick Rose is in hot water.

An unnamed 30-year-old college student says she dated Rose from 2011 until August 2013 when Rose, his personal manager Randall Hampton and friend Ryan Allen allegedly drugged and raped her. In August 2015, the Jane Doe filed a $21.5 million lawsuit against Rose, the Associated Press reported. As the Oct. 4 trial date approaches, Doe is talking to reporters and answering questions about the case and the rape incident while protecting her anonymity. 

Rose's attorneys insist Rose, Hampton and Allen had consensual sex with Doe. But during a conference call Thursday, Doe and her lawyers denied those claims and read aloud a transcript from Rose's June 17 deposition where he is asked if he knows the meaning of sexual consent, Deadspin reported.

Question: Do you have an understanding as to the word consent?

Sexual consent should be a pretty easy concept to understand: Don't force yourself on someone who has not agreed to engage in sexual intercourse with you. To help Rose and others who don't understand, here are some visual metaphors and explanations to help reinforce the point: 

The very British tea metaphor

The Thames Valley Police Department in the United Kingdom broke down consent by making a cup of tea for someone. 

The video says if you asked an individual if they wanted a cup of tea (read: sex) and responded with "omg fuck yes, I would fucking LOVE a cup of tea! Thank you!" — then you would know they would like to have a cup of tea.

And if the person you offered tea denies it, then don't make them a cup of tea and don't make them drink it. 

The $5 bill analogy

Recently, Nafisa Ahmed perfectly explained sexual consent on Twitter while under the influence of alcohol. She compares sexual consent to giving someone a $5 bill when a person is drunk.

Let's say you are out with someone and asked them for $5. If they were too drunk to answer with a yes or no, then you shouldn't take a $5 bill out of their wallet or purse because that would be stealing. 

This means that if someone you're interested in having sex with is inebriated to the point of not being able to answer your offer, then you shouldn't have sex with them. They did not consent into having sex with you.

Another scenario: Let's say you were a really bad person and decided to put a gun to a person's head to coerce them to give you $5, even if the individual physically handed you $5, you robbed them. That isn't consent.

Ahmed also points out that if this person gave you $5 in the past, they are not obligated to give you $5 again. You are also not entitled to their $5 bill just because they just gave your friend $5.

And if you stole their $5 and couldn't prove in court that you stole $5 from them, it doesn't mean that you didn't steal from them.

The dancing penis and vagina explanation

Project Consent/YouTube

Project Consent, an organization dedicated to teaching the importance of consent, created cute NSFW animations of dancing vaginas, boobs, penises and hands. 

Project Consent/YouTube

In one video, a hand becomes too grabby to a boob without their permission. That isn't consensual. In another, a dancing penis comes too close to an ass without asking. That isn't consensual. Another animation shows a dancing penis aggressively moves toward a vagina and the vagina wasn't happy with it. That isn't consensual. 

Key and Peele's pirate-themed consent sketch

If you've gone this far and still don't understand what sexual consent is, then I guess it needs to be explained to you in another language. 

In a Key and Peele sketch, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele engage in singsong pirate talk when explaining what real gentleman pirates do when they see an attractive unconscious lady. 

Key and Peele/Comedy Central

Here's the chorus of the song: "A woman has a right to a drink or two/ Without worrying about what you will do!" they sing. "We'd say 'yo ho!'/ But we don't say 'ho'/ 'Cause 'ho' is disrespectful, yo!"

Basically, if a woman is drunk or unconscious, it doesn't give anyone the right to rape or sexually assault them. 

Key and Peele/Comedy Central

Then Peele, in his pirate persona, sings about a time when he met an attractive drunk woman who he knew he could have sex with, but decided to do what real gentleman do: make sure she got home safely and did not have sex with her since she couldn't agree to consent.

"I once met a lass so fine/ She was dunk on barley wine," Pirate Peel sang. "I'd been at sea for months a three/ I knew I could make her mine/ And the lass was past consent/ So it was off with her we went. And we threw her in bed and rested her head/ And we left because that's what gentlemen do." 

It's just that simple to understand.