This wild ‘Mr. Robot’ theory posits that Elliot and Angela are Dark Army agents


The penultimate episode of Mr. Robot's second season was mind-blowing, not necessarily for what it showed on-screen, but for what it heavily implied. We could very well be looking at new, science-fictional potential developments for the series. 

Among its cryptic clues, Whiterose talks to Angela about how her mother died to help "take humanity to the next level," and the episode offered up several songs from the Back to the Future soundtrack. Basically, the show's teasing a very big reveal for its finale next week — and Reddit has a wild (but convincing!) idea of what might happen. 

Per redditor KJEveryday, Elliot and Angela are — whether they're consciously aware of it or not — working for the Dark Army (Elliot definitely knows, after he found out he created their mysterious "Phase 2" plan). However, that isn't the wild part: The Dark Army has essentially made Elliot and Angela super agents, complete with two consciousnesses. 

You can probably guess what that would mean for Elliot, whose alter-ego is Mr. Robot — personified in the form of his dead father. But remember: Angela's mother also worked for Evil Corp, and died in similarly tragic circumstances to Elliot's father. Therefore, the theory posits, both Elliot and Angela have a parent's personalities implanted in them. 

Obviously, that would mean Angela has her own version of Mr. Robot; presumably, then, in the form of her mother. The mysterious test that Whiterose made Angela go through — in the form of a fictitious game called "Land of Ecodelia" — was a way for her to discern which Angela she was interacting with. 

"This explains why her behavior is different after she leaves," the user writes. "She switches into her other personality — due to something the Dark Army does to her off-screen. Elliot's dad died willingly to have his personality fused with Elliot, and Angela's was killed to fuse with her. Now they work as super powered agents in order to bring down capitalism/America." 

It's undeniable that Angela seemed off when she confronted her lawyer following her conversation with Whiterose — almost, perhaps, as if she was a completely different person. The notion is entertaining, too, when you consider other scenes in the series where we could've unknowingly seen Angela's version of Mr. Robot in action (such as her encounter at the bar). 

The theory adds that this is how Whiterose operates; her day job is acting as the Minister of State Security as a man named Zheng, while simultaneously working as the Dark Army's leader as a transgender woman (perhaps, part of the reason why she is so obsessed with time). 

KJEverday concludes, harping upon the idea that Tyrell Wellick — who resurfaced in the last episode rather suspiciously — is another personality embedded in Elliot: 

Elliot and Angela are first of a line of new age super soldiers, perfectly fit for the age of information, and the Dark Army has control of them. This episode talks about lucid dreaming, because this is how Elliot will harness all three personalities at once. Tyrell will now help Elliot with stage two of the world takeover plan that the Dark Army is trying to conduct.

The theory is a bit wild, to be sure, but with all the eerie sci-fi hints that Mr. Robot is offering up ahead of its finale, it's not as far-fetched as it would seem — even just a few weeks ago. 

Ultimately, Mr. Robot could be paying homage to more than just Fight Club: We might have to throw The Manchurian Candidate in there, too.