iPhone 7 scratch and bend tests show matte black resistance and camera vulnerability


The iPhone 7 is officially on the market, and consumers want to know how durable Apple's latest offering is, so YouTube user JerryRigEverything inspected the iPhone 7's strength with a rigorous scratch and bend test. 

Experimenting with the matte black iPhone 7 (since Apple already warned of the jet black's susceptibility to scratches), JerryRigEverything found that the iPhone 7 held up pretty well. The front screen, back panel, home touchpad and camera lens all resisted scratches from coins and keys, which are among the most likely objects an iPhone will encounter in one's pocket. However, the test did raise some questions. 

Apple claims that the iPhone 7's camera has a "sapphire crystal lens cover." Sapphire is an incredibly resilient material with a value of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which measures mineral hardness. Only diamond is more durable.

But when JerryRigEverything scratched the camera with a mineral test pick at a level of six, the lens was visibly scratched. 

The screen is "on par with the typical smartphone screen hardness," JerryRigEverything says in the video. 

Mic has reached out to Apple for comment and will update if necessary. In the meantime, check out the test video for yourself: