'People' put apples in their National Guacamole Day recipe and Twitter wasn't having it


Avocados, a tomato, white onion, cilantro, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Remix these ingredients all you want, but they're the base of a good guacamole. 

On Sept. 16, the day that Mexicans and Mexican-Americans celebrate Mexican Independence Day and the rest of America celebrates National Guacamole Day, People tweeted out a recipe for guacamole that had an ingredient that people felt had no place in the heavenly green dip: apples.

"Add apples to your guacamole for a game day dip with a twist," their tweet reads.  

Twitter had four words for People: hell to the no. 


After that tweet, it was basically "RIP People's mentions." 

Many in the comments were still not over some of the other heinous atrocities people have tried to pass off as guacamole. Everyone remembers where they were when the New York Times suggested putting peas in the guac, and even Hellman's once tried to get foodies to add their gloppy condiment to guacamole. 

So another evil has been kept at bay thanks to the watchful eye — and sense of humor — of Twitter. But keep a vigilant eye, because there are plenty of people out there looking to taint the precious guac with their terrible ingredients.