Last Resort Premiere: Scott Speedman Gets Dramatic in a Submarine


Thursday night on ABC we're going down, way down, beneath the sea, down; or so says the trailer for the submarine-mega-drama Last Resort. The submarine looks giant and lethal, and even by second 3 of the trailer I am wowed: this is what war looks like. An official voice says words, the only two of which I can understand are "position report" and then the whole crew Dad-dances their way across the equator. This is how you know the show will be full of drama and serious half-lit stern conversations, but there will also be love scenes. Trust me. 

The crew is aboard the USS Chicago which we are told is, "The Most Powerful Nuclear Submarine Ever Built." Capitalization for effect. They are barreling through the depths of the sea and Scott Speedman is back on television finally in a TV show that is not called Felicity. Prediction, Speedman's heart throb status will return with a vengeance. Speedman looks caring, he caresses a photograph of his beautiful but not vulgar wife, he wants to go home. But, "The Crew Has Just Received Orders" (capitalization for effect) " ... To Destory An Entire Country." (ps that country is Pakistan.) Scott Speedman looks worred, but not super Keri-Russel-just-chopped-off-her-hair worried. Then, my favorite line in the English language is uttered, "sweet mother of God." 

Things are building, the crescendo is coming, these are tense television times. "They Will Disobey These Orders," and their captain, Andre Braughner, will lay down the law. No way will he blow up Pakistan. 

"Now They Are The Target." They are acting fast, Scott Speedman looks worried (but still not Keri Russell worried). And then, the Chicago gets hit by a missile; Keri Russel worried. 

What do you do if you're in a submarine and your home country is trying to kill you? You take over an island; Lost style. Queue beautiful exotic actress, and tiki-lounge scene. But guess what? Looks like Braughner is going rogue. During that whole mini-time when the U.S. tried to kill him and his men, looks like America forgot Braughner has like a bagillion nuclear missiles ... and he will fire them, people. 

Will I be watching? Yes. Should you be watching? Yes. Why? Because this looks like Lost with nuclear weapons ... oh, and Scott Speedman will be there. 

Last Resort airs Thurdsay night at 8 p.m. on ABC.