Leslie Jones jokes about her Twitter being hacked, online harassment at 2016 Emmys

Actress Leslie Jones won't let her haters ruin her sense of humor.

At the 2016 Emmy Awards Sunday night, the Ghostbusters actress brilliantly tackled the issue of online harassment — and didn't shy away from her own plight with the issue.

When representatives from the accounting firm Ernst & Young took to the stage to explain how they protect the Emmy results, Jones used the opportunity to joke about her own website being hacked and her private nude photos being shared.

"Since you good at keeping things safe, I got a job for you," Jones said. "My Twitter account! Put that in the vault, please!"

"Y'all over here using your skills to protect best voiceover in a French sitcom, meanwhile I'm butt naked on CNN! I just wanted to feel beautiful y'all!" Jones added to laughter and cheers from the audience.

Jones was also the target of a racist, alt-right hate campaign, which caused her to briefly leave Twitter.

Thankfully, Jones returned to the social media platform and Twitter banned infamous right-wing troll Milo Yiannopoulos — who spearheaded that harassment against Jones – from the site.

Vince Bucci/AP