Beyoncé's fans are outraged over 'Lemonade' getting snubbed at the 2016 Emmys

The 2016 Emmys were filled with surprise wins — but there was one loss that surprised viewers more than any win.

If Twitter Sunday night was any indication, viewers thought Beyoncé wouldn't lose her last of four chances to win a coveted Emmy for Lemonade. Queen Bey's groundbreaking project could have entered a league of its own as the first visual album to pickup an Emmy, but Grease: Live instead won the award for outstanding directing for a variety special.

Now, the world is now feeling the wrath of the Beyhive.

Beyoncé's loyal fans flooded Twitter with outrage. For Bey, losing is a rarity: Each of her six albums have premiered at the number-one spot on the Billboard charts. The international hitmaker essentially created the phenomenon of visual albums with her 2013 self-titled album. It seemed like her next obvious achievement would be an Emmy for the HBO premiere of Lemonade, packed with socio-political visual symbolism and candid truths.

"How you gonna bring Laverne Cox up to present an award Beyoncé is nominated in and have her give it to two white men," MTV News writer Ira Madison III asked. Others opted to let GIFs speak for them.

Others imagined that Kanye West is undoubtedly livid about the snub (and guessed he might be on his way to storm the Emmys).

But, as Gabe Ortíz pointed out, it's never truly a loss when you wake up the next morning and you're still Beyoncé.