Jimmy Fallon and Hillary Clinton lampoon Donald Trump's "bromance" with Putin


Jimmy Fallon sought redemption for the loud condemnation of his interview with Donald Trump last week, ridiculing Trump's relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his plan to build a wall during a bit with Trump's main foe: Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

During an interview with Clinton that aired Monday night, Fallon pulled out a large brown paper bag that he said Trump had left in his green room during his Sept. 15 appearance on Fallon's Tonight Show, according to NBC News.

In the bag was a heart-shaped picture frame with Putin's picture inside.

"That's not Melania, is that?" Fallon asked Clinton.

"No," Clinton she said, going on to call Trump and Putin's relationship as "the most famous bromance."

Also in the bag was a copy of Pink Floyd's famous album, "The Wall" — poking fun at Trump's proposal to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

"That's as close as he's gonna get to the wall," Clinton said, according to NBC.

And lastly, Clinton pulled out a bag of softballs.

"That was my gift for him," Fallon said, clearly mocking himself after his interview with Trump last week, in which he was criticized for letting Trump's past incendiary comments on Muslims and other ethnic minorities slide.

During Clinton's appearance, Fallon took a few shots at the Democratic nominee, poking fun at her pneumonia diagnosis by wearing a surgical mask and using hand sanitizer after the two high fived.

Clinton and Fallon read letters sent to Clinton's campaign from children.

And they discussed the historic nature of Clinton's candidacy and "breaking down barriers," which provided an opening for Clinton to hit Trump on pushing the birther conspiracy about President Barack Obama.

"We have slowly but steadily knocked down all the barriers," Clinton said of becoming the first female nominee of a major political party. "And it's important. And look, some people are not happy about the barriers being knocked down, I mean your former guest Donald Trump has refused to actually admit that President Obama is an American born in America, and for five years he's been hammering in this so-called birther movement, which I think is so sickening."