Presidential Debate Recap: Gary Johnson for President 2012


Election 2012 has a make-or-break feel for the GOP. We've seen Ron Paul's R3VOLution in the party all across America. With a volatile primary season behind him, Mitt Romney is looking to show indy-leaning Republicans and the rest of America that he is the better man to lead America for the next four years. On Wednesday, he gets his first chance as he goes head to head with President Barack Obama in the first of three televised debates brought to you by the Commission for Presidential Debates.

I will be bringing you updates as they happen, Turtleman style (that's "Live Action" for those who don't know). If it's important, I'll have it. If it's funny, I'll have it. If it's an epic gaffe, I'll have it. This is your one stop shop for all things presidential on debate night.

I'll be looking for your reactions to my reactions. Can Mitt make a statement? Or will these debates solidify the recent poll jumps we've seen from the president? 

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Update 11:04 pm - Post debate thoughts

Look, Mitt Romney was very aggressive tonight and stylistically dominated the man that most Americans felt was the King of Charisma on the stage. With regard to substance, both candidates left me feeling empty, although Obama did try to make some specific points. Romney absolutely managed to talk for 40 minutes tonight and the only specifics I got from him were that he has a 5 point economic plan and one sub point, he wants to kill Big Bird and that he agreed with the President 9 different times! Two guys one suit?

So, considering the draw I just described, who was the biggest loser? Jim Lehrer of course. Jim showed his age and displayed the characteristics that made him the choice to "moderate" the debate. He was spineless and slow to react. Honestly, I like that it led to a more natural debate feel, but he just bent and bent and bent for Romney. Maybe he's afraid Romney really will kill Big Bird and fire him if he wins!

Prediction: Overall race turns into a dead heat until after the town hall debate. Swing states will show very little substantive movement. Obama still wins.

That's it for me. Good night! #GaryJohnsonForPresident

Update 10:34 pm - (Candidates and families huddle on stage) 

Obama: I can't believe you're gonna kill Big Bird. Don't you know Jim and Big Bird share a locker?

Romney (laughing heartily): I know. I just went for it. Wasn't it great!

Everybody laughs!

Update 10:28 pm - Governor Romney has deferred. Obama will receive the kick!

Update 10:24 pm - Repealing Obamacare isn't going to help your Bi-partisan presidency, Mr. Romney. LMAO

Update 10:21 pm - "agree count" 9 on community college training programs - Obama keeps hammering home the "few details" that Romney/Ryan seem to want to provide on anything

Update 10:18 pm - It's Anti-bullying Month, Somebody help Jim Lehrer!

Update 10:16 pm - 

Update 10:12  pm - "agree" count 8 broadening the base, and Tip O'Neil has more mentions than Ronald Reagan at this point? WTF

Update 10:07 pm - "agree" count 7 on healthcare - "Gary Johnson says: Romneycare. Obamacare. Po-tay-to. Po-tah-to. No matter what you call it, it's still the same thing."

Update 10:01 pm - Lehrer is about to break into Admiral Stockdale - Who am I? Why am I here? 

Update 9:54 pm - Neither guy wants to claim Wall Street now, wink wink

Update 9:48 pm - Romney's eyes are so glossy he looks like he's been playing the PolicyMic debate drinking game! Meanwhile Gary Johnson says, "We're into the real meat of the debate now: who's going to spend MORE on Medicare?"

Update 9:46 - The prez likes "Obamacare"! Well, what's that they say about sincerest forms of flattery? LOL

Update 9:45 pm -  Lehrer coaching the prez along into his SS/Medicare spiel

Update 9:43 pm -  "agree" count is 6, this time on Medicare

Update 9:30 pm - Romney advocates increasing Medicaid and hides it behind state run healthcare.

Update 9:36 pm -  As Obama bumbles and tells stories - Gary Johnson says "It's simple, @BarackObama. No. More. Corporate. Tax."

Update 9:35 pm - Is Romney chewing gum? He sure smacks his lips a lot! Now the prez is doing it too! "agree" count 5 this time on corporate taxes

Update 9:30 pm - Romney's gonna balance the budget by killing Big Bird! 

Update 9:28 pm - "agree" count 4! Blame Bush 1

Update 9:25 pm - Romney wants the last word doggone it! He wants to create jobs. Guess who else is a successful businessman? Gary Johnson!

Update 9:24 pm - Bill Clinton in the house! Oh wait, that's just the prez trying to liken himself to Willie!

Update 9:20 pm - Gary Johnson, "Obama asks: 'How do we deal with our tax code?' My answer: get rid of it. Stop taxing work and investment."

Update 9:14 pm - Romney definitely looking sharp right now. Referenced Biden's "crushed middle America" comments

Update 9:13 - "agree" count at 2

Update 9:11 pm - Romney tagging Obama with 80's Reaganomics - Trickle Down! Also, saying balancing the budget is key, but he won't have it balanced until he's served two terms!  Says he would kill Big Bird as first move to balance the budget. Big Bird weighs in.

Update: 9:08 - Michelle hangin with Mitt on her anniversary is about how my wife has felt for the last 6 months!

Update 9:04 pm - I gotta disagree Mr. President, I am the luckiest man on earth!

Update 9:00 pm - Debate hasn't even started yet an #GaryJohnsonForPresident is already trending nationally.

Update 7:12 pm - For anyone without Google+, Gary Johnson will also be streaming live on YouTube.

Update 9:21 pm 10/2 - Gary Johnson announced on his Facebook page today that he will be holding a live online event on Google+ during the CPD event Wednesday night in Denver.The event will be hosted via Google+ Hangout at, and on Twitter at