Latest Presidential Polls: Romney Will Lose the Election Thanks to Immigration


Often debated by Obama and Romney, immigration is seen as less important to many Americans than other issues are. A new poll shows that “swing” voters, which comprise 39% of registered voters, are less likely to see immigration as very important. Among Republicans, the fervor over the issue has significantly died down compared to four years ago; today 46% of GOPers say immigration is very important to their vote today compared to 61% who claimed immigration was important to their vote in 2008. Altogether, an August Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll showed that nearly half of Republicans and three-quarters of Democrats do not want to bother with immigration. They just want a policy that would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for legal status in the U.S.

What these numbers show is that Romney could easily lose the election. His immigration policy looks racist and could alienate the middle-class even further.

Romney gives the impression that he is indifferent to racism. With the new poll showing that most Americans do not care about immigration, Romney sends the signal that he only supported immigration to cater to what he thought were the public demands for self-deportation and Arizona-like laws. He becomes just another politician bending to the demands of the elite with no moral integrity against discrimination. Thus, his career overrides fairness, implying that racism is not important to him. With his indifferent demeanour, undocumented immigrants see Romney as allowing racism.

As a multiracial group, middle-classers would not want to associate with Romney after these findings. As Americans and minorities, who believe in equality and justice, they would be ashamed to have Romney represent them.

According to writer Mark Trahant, Romney holds a significant lead over Obama in the middle-class. He has a 14 point advantage over Obama with 55% to 41%. Sixty-two percent of middle-class families say that they believe that the country is on the wrong track compared to 34% of Americans who think the country is on the right track. Fifty-one percent of middle-class families hold an unfavorable view of Obama; while, 51% of middle-class families hold a favorable view of Romney.

But now that Americans see the real Romney, who shows weak morals, these numbers can be expected to dwindle. Romney’s shot at winning the presidency may have just been lost.