Ron Paul: Doctor, Representative, Statesman and Now Also a Prophet


If one uses the definitions “a person who predicts the future” or “spokesman for a movement,” then Ron Paul could definitely be defined as a modern day prophet.

Predicting the future, Paul warned Congress and the world about the housing bubble before it happened. Neither congress or the world listened.

He explained the consequences of U.S. military intervention in other nations: blow back. He was ridiculed for his statements but Paul stood his ground. Now recent attacksk against U.S. missions in Syria have resulted in the death of American Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and several members of his staff.

The official story is that at a tacky YouTube video, the Innocence of Muslims, is at fault. However there is growing evidence the “official story” is a misleading cover-up. According to information from Stevens’ own journal, it was due to an increasing Al-Qaeda presence and the possibility Stevens’ name was on a hit list. The last thing those in power want is to hear is the term “blow back” and people pointing to Ron Paul and screaming “he warned us.” So now the tacky video remains the official story, with the added distractions of attacks against CNN for using the journal, and the recent arrest of the man who made the video. Everything but the truth: blowback, exactly as Paul warned.

Not convinced yet? Watch this video from YouTube:

"Now Jesus himself had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country" John 4:44, New International Version.

OK, maybe that knocks Ron Paul out for full-fledged prophet status. Though his followers for now aren’t great in numbers, we do honor him.