iPhone 5 Problems: 3 Apple Maps Flaws That iOS 6 Users Hate


 Today Apple’s Tim Cook issued a letter apologizing for Apples new Map app, which replaced the native Google Maps on the iPhone with the iOS 6 update. While many of the complaints seem superfluous and cheap there are three glaring problems that consumers are right to loathe.

1. No public transit directions: 

Apple positions itself as the company for the urbanite young crowd of the future. But in lacking public transit directions its maps app is nearly useless for all of them save for making sure that your cabbie isn’t ripping you off when you take a taxi. There are no bus or subway directions and it doesn’t even show most stops on the map. Apple is blatantly disappointing some of its most passionate and vocal users.

2. Wrong Labels: 

From labeling an abandoned field as a gas station and opera houses as McDonalds, to failing to register Israel as a country let alone Jerusalem as its capital. If I can’t trust it for the simple things or the big things, should I really trust it for getting me to a job interview on time?

3. Wrong Directions: 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes when I am driving north it says I am heading southbound and vice versa. It doesn’t happen often but it happens enough to rattle your faith.

What can Apple do about it: Considering that Apple has about 100 billion dollars in cash on hand the answer should be obvious: throw money at the problem. Apple has some of the best minds and it clearly has tons of money. It shouldn’t be too hard for it to combine the two so as to get its maps working up to par. Of course, Tim Cook himself has suggested in his letter some good alternatives in the meantime.