Donald Trump transition chair Chris Christie may face impeachment in New Jersey


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a top Donald Trump surrogate and leader of the Republican nominee's presidential transition team, could face impeachment hearings in his home state of New Jersey over his involvement in the so-called Bridgegate scandal, NBC New York reported Friday.

Key state Assembly members told NBC New York that the legislative body could file articles of impeachment against Christie on obstruction of justice charges.

If those members decide to move forward with the charges, that could cause a major distraction for the Trump campaign with less than two months to go until Election Day.

Christie has been a vocal and visible surrogate for Trump, appearing on national television to tout Trump's credentials. He's also, reportedly, Trump's personal McDonald's-fetcher.

Moreover, Christie heads Trump's transition team, meaning he'd be responsible for planning the new administration should the GOP nominee emerge victorious in November.

The impeachment talk comes after the start of the Bridgegate trial over the 2013 closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge — a vital artery that connects New Jersey and New York.

Prosecutors allege key Christie aides closed the lanes as an act of political revenge against a local mayor who refused to endorse Christie's gubernatorial re-election bid.

Prosecutors also allege that Christie knew about the lane closures — despite the governor claiming otherwise in multiple public statements.

State legislators told NBC New York that there was a "50-50 chance" the Democrat-controlled Assembly could file articles of impeachment. They would need a majority of the 80-member body to vote in favor of impeaching Christie.

The Democrat-controlled state Senate would then have to vote on whether to remove Christie from office. A removal vote would need the support of two-thirds of state Senators — meaning three Republicans would also need to vote in favor of kicking Christie out of office, assuming all Democrats voted against Christie, NBC New York reported.

Christie is currently one of the least popular governors in the country, with just 29% of New Jerseyans approving of his job in office, according to a recently released Morning Consult poll.