Bisexual people used #BisexualFacts to poke fun at how little people know about them


Bisexual people are more than just a letter in the acronym LGBTQ. In fact, they make up most of the young LGBTQ community. When a survey showed that most teens do not identify as straight, it also showed that most don't identify as gay — most are somewhere in the middle, squarely in bisexual territory. 

However, bisexual people still face a high level of erasure. While there may be more lesbian, gay and transgender characters in the media than ever, bisexual people still wrestle with proving to others that their sexuality isn't a myth

But, they still want to have a little fun. Throughout this week, which is designated as Bisexual Awareness Week by GLAAD, bisexual Twitter users have used the hashtag #BisexualFacts to share tidbits about the community that often go unnoticed. 

Some of them dealt with the myth that bisexual people just want to steal your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Then there's the myth that bisexual people need to "pick a side" or that bisexuality is "just a phase."

Or that bisexual people switch between gay and straight, as opposed to always being bi. 

Or that bisexual people are only attracted to two kinds of people, as opposed to a spectrum of genders.

And some people just had a lot of fun with it.