Charlotte mayor calls for video of police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott to be made public


The mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, Jennifer Roberts, has added her support to the increasingly vocal contingent calling for authorities to release video footage of the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

"I do believe the video should be released," Roberts said at a press conference Friday morning, according to NBC 4 Washington. "The question is on the timing,"

Roberts also said during the press conference that the citywide curfew that she signed into effect on Thursday is still in place from midnight to 6 a.m.

In a separate interview with CNN Friday morning, Roberts said she and a team of investigators will continue to have conversations about "how soon" they might be able to release the tape to the public.

Chuck Burton/AP

Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Chief Kerr Putney announced his agreement with Roberts at the same press conference, telling reporters he believed the footage should be released — but only when they have enough information that it "can be fully understood," according to CNN.

Roberts and Putney, who have seen the footage, have both previously said they found it to be inconclusive as to whether or not Scott was holding a book, a gun or anything at all when he was fatally shot during a police manhunt for a separate suspect outside of his apartment complex on Tuesday.

"I do not have the authority individually to order the tape be released, but we can again have those conversations," Roberts told CNN. "But absolutely, I think it's only a matter of time."