Gennifer Flowers, former Bill Clinton mistress, accepts Donald Trump's debate invite


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump threatened to bring Gennifer Flowers, a woman who former President Bill Clinton admitted to having an extramarital sexual relationship with while married to his current wife, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, to the debate he and Clinton are scheduled to have on Monday evening.

Responding to news Clinton-allied billionaire Mark Cuban would be attending the debate at the invite of her campaign, Trump posted "If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him!" to Twitter.

Hours later, Flowers appeared to take Trump up on the offer in her own tweet.

Flowers insisted she and Clinton had a 12-year affair, though the former president admitted to just one sexual encounter between the two, in 1977, two years after his marriage. Trump's team included a short (but soundless) clip from an infamous interview with the president on the topic in a recent campaign ad.

On Twitter, some political commentators suggested the spat was evidence that Clinton and Cuban had successfully gotten under Trump's skin during one of the most crucial moments of his campaign, though others suggested perhaps the move had backfired.

Whether Flowers will actually attend or not, let alone sit in the front row, is currently unclear.