Obama vs Romney Debate Schedule: On Wednesday Expect Debate on Economic Policies


The president’s health care law imposes the single largest tax hike in history. How sad is it that the Democrats are claiming a win on the tax argument? How despicable is it that they downright lied on TV ads, claiming that a $2,000 increase would occur on the middle class with the Romney’s tax plan? Baloney.

There is no arguing over Obama's health care tax hike. It will happen. You can only undo it by electing a president committed to lowering your taxes, particularly on health care. Obama has already raised them.

Romney will make the case for his tax plan during the debates, when he can defend it in front of Americans and bring to light the lies of the Obama administration. These lies have been peddled on advertising and speechmaking, facilitated and supported by a hungry and liberal media. Don't doubt it for a moment; Romney's too smart to play the lying game.

You can be sure to expect that Romney will explain why his plan won't raise taxes on the middle class. 

The Tax Policy Center's unfortunate paper claiming that Mitt Romney's tax plan would shift the tax burden to the middle class is based on incorrect assumptions absent any economic growth from tax reform. It also fails to consider Romney's intent to "keep the distribution of the tax burden roughly the same among income levels," as reported by The Hill

Curtis Dubay of the Heritage Foundation wrote that the Tax Policy Center (TPC) "hinders the debate on tax reform because lawmakers and the public need accurate information to make good decisions."  Mitt Romney says the TPC made "a garbage conclusion."

Sadly, the Obama campaign is recycling error-ridden garbage in ad after ad.

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign is still exploring options to "broaden the taxable-income base."  Tax reform is the goal; reducing tax revenue is not. 

But if big companies continue to cut U.S. employment, as a new Business Roundtable Survey unveils, then there will be fewer employed persons to tax. In the new survey, 34% of CEO's expect to cut U.S. employment in the next six months and 29% expect to increase it. Three months before, 20% expected to cut jobs and 36% to add them. This, combined with a survey of forecasters by Macroeconomic Advisers that shows them expecting growth at 1.6% in the third quarter and 1.9% in the fourth, is not good economic news. 

So it makes sense for the Obama campaign to continue to turn the discussion away from the lousy economy that is not getting better, ignore the fact that he has imposed the largest tax hike in history, and claim that Mr. Romney's tax plan will hurt Americans.

Strangely, the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found 42% expect the economy will get better in the next 12 months, a significant increase and "the most optimism" since October, 2009. Only 18% thought the economy would get worse. I figure that must mean those 42% expect new leadership in the White House to counteract the current situation. 

Call it "Mom-logic," but certainly that could be Obama's unintended consequence of focusing on speculation, instead of acknowledging or addressing the economic declines helped along by his administration. The Mom vote from this corner is with the candidate who will deal with the debt, stop spending money we don't have, fix the taxes and put the economy back on track. 

Stay tuned next week for the debates. Rest assured that the facts will surface. Romney will come out smelling like a rose, while the Obama campaign will continue to reek of "eau de garbage."