New 'Luke Cage' trailer features Method Man giving Luke his hoodie


As if we weren't excited enough about Friday's release of Marvel's newest series, Luke Cage, Netflix has dropped a new trailer for the series, which puts more focus on the show's primary antagonists and Luke's hoodie game. 

There's Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes (Mahershala Ali), who is seemingly working alongside corrupt politician Black Mariah (Alfre Woodard) to take control of Harlem. These threats to the city make Luke (Mike Colter) an unwilling, but necessary, hero. As someone with indestructible skin, he's not exactly a pushover. 

"You want to go to war?" Stokes says to the superhero. "I'll take you to war."

"You don't have enough people," Luke cooly responds. 


What really steals the show is Luke stopping two robbers at a bodega, only to be awestruck at the sight of Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man. (The rapper helped the series select its hip-hop heavy score.) He doles out similar praise for Luke, to which the hero asked, pointing at his hoodie, "Are you a double XL?"


Watch the new trailer for Luke Cage — which will be available in its entirety on Netflix this Friday — below.