A viral video is trying to trick everyone into drilling a hole in their iPhones


You might miss the new iPhone's headphone jack, but you shouldn't try adding your own. 

More than 10 million people have watched a video called "Secret Hack to Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7," in which someone called TechRax drills a hole in the bottom of an iPhone. The video was released on Sept. 17, just 10 days after Apple unveiled the new device

Neither the iPhone 7 nor the iPhone 7 Plus has a 3.5mm headphone jack — you have to use Bluetooth headphones that connect via the lightning port, or use a lightning-to-3.5mm dongle. 

Obviously, people were irritated by the loss of the headphone jack, but it's not nice to try to trick people into ruining their absurdly expensive new devices. 

"It's a very simple tutorial," says the video's host. "Just follow along, guys." He then proceeds to use an electric drill to put a hole in an iPhone. 


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Commenters supposedly followed suit. As Time points out, "the YouTube video is filled with comments from people who claim to have tried the technique — only to discover that drilling a hole into the smartphone leaves it unusable."

Wondering who on Earth would try to trick people into ruining their phones? The video is courtesy of a YouTube page called TechRax, which has made a series of iPhone and Android "experiment" videos. The host drops phones in lava, microwaves them and even tasers them in other videos, so you know they're not afraid to ruin a phone.