iPhone selfie tricks: The only tips you need for the perfect selfie with your iPhone


Sometimes the best way to capture the moment is with a perfect selfie. If you've got an iPhone, you know the device is packed with handy features. Here are some tips to take your iPhone selfies to the next level.

Use the volume buttons: The iPhone actually has two additional shutter buttons located on its side panel — the volume-up and volume-down buttons. Clicking on either of them with the camera app open will fire the shutter. This technique is especially useful for providing hand support when taking selfies in particularly demanding situations. Taking a group selfie where you need to extend your arm farther than usual? Use the volume buttons. In a low-light setting and need to reduce camera shake? Use the volume buttons. You get the idea.

Activate Burst Mode: This feature is especially helpful when you're in motion or have moving subjects in the background. Burst Mode will repeatedly fire the shutter, giving you a higher possibility of capturing at least one clear shot in a crowd of blurry photos. To activate this mode, simply hold down the shutter button for as long as necessary, and the shots will fire instantaneously. Yes, this feature also works with the volume button.

Adjust exposure: There's one simple trick you can use to brighten your pics while shooting in low light: Tap and hold the screen, then swipe up or down slowly to adjust the exposure. 

Cooper Fleishman/Mic

Use HDR: If you're trying to take a selfie against a bright background, you might find yourself facing away from the light, too dark to show up clearly in the resulting photo. Then you might tap to focus on your face, turning the background bright white. The solution is to turn on HDR, or "high dynamic range," by simply tapping "HDR" and setting it to "on." It combines several photos with varying exposures, making sure everything in the shot is lighted well. 

Shoot in square format: A number of your selfies will make it to Instagram, so why not save yourself some time and shoot in the app's default format? The square option is directly to the right of the standard camera mode (above the on-screen shutter) and can make a real difference when it comes to selfie composition.