Dexter Season 7 Review: Popcorn Tastes Better With Blood


Grab your popcorn and get your sofa ready, because it’s that time again. For those of us with darker souls, the long awaited Season 7 of Dexter is finally coming back to Showtime, promising plenty of gore and suspense to fill all our vigilante needs. 

We return with some of our favorites: Dexter (Michael C. Hall), Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), Masuka (C.S. Lee), and Harry Morgan (James Remar). There are also hints of guest appearances by Yvonne Strahovski, Ray Stevenson, and Jason Gedrick.

The show has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, which at first seem gruesome and can make some squeamish. Once you are able to get past all the blood and limbs, it is clear that there is dark, but very apparent hero element to Dexter that you can’t help but love. As his character has developed over the last six seasons, viewers can’t help but urge Dexter into believing that he is a good person that deserves a somewhat normal life. Well, as normal as a serial killer can have anyway.

Dexter has not received the warmest reviews in the past seasons, and many have said that it has become formulaic and boring as the seasons trail on. This season will definitely be a game-changer though. We will come back to Dexter’s shocked sister, Debra Morgan, who has witnessed her brother sword-deep in a criminal. Needless to say, it’s about to go down. The person who Dexter loves the most, after his son of course, has witnessed Dexter’s best kept secret. Madness ensures.

This is the penultimate season of Dexter and it is time for a big plot changer. Dexter fans haven’t seen any big changes since Dexter’s wife, Rita, was murdered during Season 4. Now, we get to watch as this new twist unfolds. Will Debra learn to accept her brother’s dark passenger, or will the cop in her feel the need to put him away? How will Dexter deal with sharing his deepest, darkest secret with his own sister? How will Debra deal with her romantic feelings for her brother now? There is only one way to find out, so stay tuned everybody.