iPhone 7 exploding? Customer posts scorched Apple device that allegedly blew up in the box


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a fiery reputation. So many models are exploding, airlines won't let you use them. One redditor spotted a recent exhibition of the phone that also featured two fire extinguishers.

When the Note 7 devices started blowing up right before Apple announced the new iPhones, an analyst called it a "major buzz-kill." 

Timing is everything. 


According to an image posted to Reddit on Wednesday, a matte black iPhone 7 exploded en route from the factory, the user wrote.

"I'm not certain, but something happened between the factory and delivery," kroopthesnoop wrote in the post. 

Yes, iPhones have exploded in the past — it's a pitfall of malfunctioning batteries — which is likely the case with this scorched iPhone 7. 

In other words, don't go running back to Apple with your shiny new iRectangles begging for a less-explode-y device. This is still an isolated (and unverified) incident, unlike the dozens of Note 7s with issues ahead of Samsung's recall.