iPhone 8 rumors, specs and design: 2017 iPhone may look entirely different


The iPhone 7 just came out, but iPhone 8 leaks and rumors are already flying. The latest rumor is regarding the next iPhone's specs: the iPhone 8 might have a glass body with a metal frame, AppleInsider reports. 

Supply chain sources and a research note obtained by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities suggest that the 2017 iPhone (which many are calling the iPhone 8) will have a totally new look and feel. Apple generally releases both a classic and high-end iPhone each year, and Kuo suggests that the more expensive of the two iPhone 8s might have steel frames, while the less expensive model could feature an aluminum frame. 

All of this information seems to confirm previous rumors we've heard about the iPhone 8. For months, insiders have been saying that Apple is going back to a glass iPhone. Apple "will adopt glass casing next year," Allen Horng, CEO of Catcher Technology, said at the company's shareholder meeting in May. Catcher is one of Apple's main iPhone casing suppliers

The last iPhones with a glass casing were the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. Some complained that the glass was easily scratched, but it certainly wasn't any worse than the iPhone 7's jet black model, which is so easily damaged Apple has a warning on its site.