Gary Johnson Florida Medical Marijuana Stance Will Boost Him in the Sunshine State


With Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson polling in the double digits in Ohio there is a burgeoning sense of hope among libertarians and independents in the third party candidacy of the former governor of New Mexico and 2012 underrated Republican presidential candidate. 

And now, Johnson's latest move -- to endorse the current effort to put a constitutional amendment to legalize medicinal Marijuana on the Florida ballot in 2014 -- will gain him some support and momentum in the Sunshine State, not only from libertarians but also from some Democratic voters.

Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states, but he won't be able to participate in the presidential debates due to a Commission on Presidential Debates rule that requires presidential candidates to poll around 15% nationally in order to participate in the televised forums. Johnson currently polls half of that. 

Riding the libertarian wave started by Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) during his 2008 presidential run and continued during his 2012 attempt, Johnson is picking up some support from Paul supporters who refuse to fall in line with Republican presidential nominee and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. 

And, though Republicans complain that a vote for Johnson (or a Ron Paul write in vote) would be a vote for Obama, Johnson has tried to gain steam by introducing an anti-trust measure against the CPD. Similarly, a coalition of pro-democracy groups has called on the CPD to release the secret contract between the organization and the Romney and Obama campaigns where are set all the rules to the upcoming Obama/Romney match ups -- including the controversial resolution that excludes third party candidates.