Best iPhone 7 screen protectors to keep your precious new phone intact

With the iPhone 7's new Retina HD display, you're going to want to keep the device's screen as safe as possible. A simple $5 screen protector may not cut it for such an expensive device. So, without further ado, here are some of the best iPhone 7 screen protectors available on the market:

iPhone 7 screen protector: Under $50

InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense ($49.99): Constructed from sapphire glass, an incredibly durable material,the InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense screen protector has seven times as much shatter resistance as an unprotected iPhone 7 screen. The casing also wards off smudges thanks to built in oil resistance and is crystal clear, so it won't obscure your view.

Otterbox Alpha Glass ($39.95): This is another glass screen protector, this time made from tempered glass, that resists scratches and smudges while maintaining a pristine display. The cover responds to touch sensitivity as if nothing was on the screen.

You're going to want to keep this screen safeApple

iPhone 7 screen protector: Under $25

Spigen GLAS.tR SLIM ($24.99): Spigen has made a name over the years for building reliable smartphone accessories, and its screen protector is no exception. The tempered glass screen slides comfortable fits over the iPhone 7 with rounded edges to avoid chipped sides. The oleophobic coating will help prevent fingerprints. 

iPhone 7 screen protector: Under $10

Tech Armor HD Clear ($5.95): For a cheaper option made out of polyester, look into Tech Armor's HD Clear screen protector. The purchase comes as a 3-pack and should accomplish similar results as glass products in terms of clarity and scratch resistance. 

Oct. 1, 2016, 1:39 p.m.: This story has been updated.