Latest Presidential Polls Prove Romney Campaign is Self Destructing


Things are not looking good for the Republican nominee for the presidency. Gaffe after gaffe seem to be weighing on a campaign that never seemed to have all that much popular support in the first place. Many moderate voters hoped that Governor Romney would return to his much beloved moderate stance after securing the nomination, a task that required him to pander to the far right. However, it would appear as though GOP nominee Romney has, nightmarishly, become presidential nominee Romney. Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee confirmed to many moderate voters that Governor Romney, who, according ABC, supported a woman’s right to choose, believed in climate changeand even passed a top-down healthcare overhaul, is dead and buried.  

But has Mitt taken his denial of his moderate past too far? His Mr. Burns-like comments about 47% of Americans last week may have gone so far right as to alienate even his conservative base.  According to Think Progress, ten prominent Republicans spoke out against the governor’s remarks. When Peggy Noonan, underling of HE-Who-Created-Trickle-Down-Economics-And-Screwed-Over-The-Poor-Forever, President Ronald Reagan, thinks you have gone too far, that definitely says something. Romney needs to start trying to win the middle back over – but it may be too late.

The Latest presidential polls show Obama leading by a variety of margins. Romney, instead of trying to close the narrow gap seems to be doing his absolute best to widen it. The moderate voters are the key to the presidency. There is a group, no matter how disappointed they are, that are going to vote for the president no matter what. There is equally a group that, no matter how unappealing Romney is to them are going to vote for him anyway. The key to victory lies in those voters who are not entirely tied to their party. Obama is doing far more to convince them to give him another shot than Romney is doing to convince them that Obama should never have been given a shot in the first place.

Now disenchanted liberals who would rather gouge their eyes out than vote for Romney really have no choice but to suck it up and vote for Obama. Conservatives, who are becoming increasingly turned off by Romney’s blunders, on the other hand have some options. As you may know, Ron Paul does not fully endorse Mitt Romney. The growing popularity of the Libertarian movement could be the nail in Romney’s already tightly sealed coffin. With Gary Johnson on the ticket and the option to write in names, Romney may see those voters who he had due to their fiscal conservatism, slip away.