Chris Christie Meet the Press Interview: Christie Sounds Awfully Presidential on Meet the Press


New Jersey governor, and Romney campaign surrogate, Chris Christie was deployed to NBC's Meet the Press to fire up the Republican nominee's battered campaign ahead of the October 3 presidential debate in Colorado. But, as it was the case during his RNC Convention Keynote Speech, Christie was more effective at selling himself than at closing the sale for Romney.

When host David Gregory pressed the governor on the national debt, saying Romney's plan of cutting taxes and increasing defense spending would make things worse, Christie fired back by criticizing Obama for adding $1.5 trillion a year to the debt, and ignoring the suggestions of the very same debt commission the president appointed. 

Gregory then went on to ask if Romney would be willing to compromise on taxes if he becomes president. To which Christie presidentially replied, "I think the country it's hungry for bipartisan compromise, especially after how polarizing the last for years have been." And, while avoiding stating Romney would cave on taxes, he said raising revenue should be the last resort after all the spending cuts are taken care of. 

"The point is, Gregory, that Governor Romney got things done with Democrats in Massachusetts," Christie said, before cheap-plugging once again his record in New Jersey and highlighting how he -- too -- has "turned things around" while working with a Democratic legislature. So, though Christie was deployed to inject some vitality into Romney's stumbling campaign, the governor ended reminding those who wanted him to run for president in 2012 how right they were. See you in four years Mr. governor.