This tiny nightclub for bees — yes, bees! — is a sweet oasis for the endangered species


Can bees live?

They can't, because they're endangered. On Monday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife added seven species of bees to its endangered species list, the Verge reported, noting it is the first time bees have been declared endangered in the U.S. 

But one spunky creative agency has imagined an alternate reality where bees can be free. On Sept. 30, Edgy and Cheesy — a creative agency based in Munich, Germany — posted a wannabe-NSFW video depicting a raucous beehive club. 

Meet the urban beehive project. It looks innocent at first... Just a few bees flying around a small structure on a roof. 


But then — sex, drugs, money! The video reveals the rowdy action that goes on inside the club's walls. It's Bees Gone Wild


Bees buzz in and out of the club. 


Urban bees need an urban home to land after a hard day's work, Edgy & Cheesy told Urban Shit, a German art website. That's why Edgy & Cheesy opened the first bee-only club. 

Why? "Cause bees have a right to live," the video states. 


The video is tongue-in-cheek, but the world's bee problem is very real. Bee extinction could threaten the world's food supply because bees are crop pollinators, according to CNN. What's at stake? Oh, just apples, carrots, coffee and chocolate, CNN reported. 

Buzzkill alert: It turns out even more of your favorite foods could be in danger. To illustrate how important bees are to the food supply, a Whole Foods Market in the University Heights neighborhood of New York City temporarily removed all produce that depends on pollinators like bees. A whopping 52% of products had to be removed, Whole Foods said in a press release. 

A class of pesticides compromises bee health, Save Bees, an advocacy organization, noted. To keep bees buzzing freely, Save Bees recommends planting or buying organic produce to promote healthy habitats for bees. 

Watch the full bee nightclub video here or below.