iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode has another glitch: It'll totally ruin your hair


The iPhone 7 Plus has an incredible camera. It's got two lenses (one wide-angle and one telephoto), optical image stabilization, 10x zoom and more. But its most exciting feature, portrait mode, is also its most controversial. 

Portrait mode — which only exists in the beta version of iOS 10.1 right now — focuses on one object or person in the foreground, blurring everything else. It mimics the depth of field effect on traditional DSLR cameras, but it replaces everything with a digital blur. It can make a photo taken on a phone look significantly higher-quality, but there are a few bugs. Redditor njhorn pointed out that the the edges of the subject's hair get blurred out with portrait mode. We gave it a try ourselves.

The photos below are the same. The one on the left was taken on my iPhone 7 Plus without portrait mode, and the one on the right was taken with portrait mode. You'll notice that all the stray hairs around my head got blurred out, so much so that the hair on the right side of my head looks like it was singed off.

Mic/Alexis Kleinman

If you're frustrated by your flyaways, this might seem like a blessing in disguise, but upon closer inspection, it actually looks terrible. Here's a closer view of my hair. The one on the left is without portrait mode and the right is with portrait mode.

Mic/Alexis Kleinman

This isn't the first portrait mode glitch we've found. We've also discovered that the iPhone 7 Plus camera feature incorrectly identifies objects' edges and blurs the wrong things, making for some confusing and odd-looking photos. 

Of course, portrait mode is still part of a beta version of Apple's mobile operating system, so it's probably going to improve over time. Hopefully Apple will fix these glitches before the update is widely available.