Dexter Season 7 Premiere and Preview: Why Deb, and America, Fell in Love With a Serial Killer


Sunday night is a huge night for Showtime with the premieres of both Dexter and Homeland. Fans of Dexter are gearing up for the shows penultimate season while the writers try to turn the plot in a direction away from the formulaic and toward the exciting ... and gruesome. 

For the past six seasons Dexter's ... compulsions, have been kept in the dark. But in season 7 his tendencies will finally come to light. One of the biggest plot lines this season will be Deb being forced to deal with the fact she's in love with Dexter. Rumor has it she'll do all she can to suppress those feelings but they just won't go away. Dexter, for his part, will also have to deal with his feelings for Deb. 

As for whether or not Dexter will be able to change his murderous tendencies, Dexter showrunner Scott Buck made his position loud and clear to TV Guide: "Dexter is who he is. I don't know that Dexter is capable of change. We've actually seen him slowly evolve throughout the series, but to suddenly stop becoming a serial killer, it just doesn't seem to be something he is capable of."

Other things to get excited for this season include LaGuerta re-opening the Bay Harbor Butcher case as well as the introduction of a brand new character. A possible new love interest Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) is a character who at the age of 15 went on a killing spree with Wayne Randall. From the sound of things it seems like there might be a little attraction between Hannah and Dexter. We'll just have to tune in to find out.

Dexter season 7 premieres at 9:00 p.m. Sunday Septemeber 30 on Showtime.